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Energy Medicine

Your body has an intuitive healing ability that science has yet to  fully understand, although it is scientifically proven to exist.  We all

have the inherent ability within to heal ourselves, once our energy is unblocked and able to reach the dis-ease, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 

How this works

The initial treatment will begin with an astrological natal chart reading in order to gain a broader understanding of where you are in your life now and the larger lessons at play that may be causing perceived obstructions.  Understanding the larger forces at play makes it easier to shift one's perception and move to a higher level of understanding.  Once this new perspective is gained, we will begin the process of bringing this shift from the celestial level into the corporeal level.  

The body serves as a road map of all of the accumulated experiences in life and how they have been processed.  By taking the pulse and doing an energetic scan of the body, it is possible to ascertain blockages to be cleared and reveal deeper underlying causes of the blockages.  When performing medical qi gong; the meridians are assessed and cleared of blockages so that full vitality can flourish in the body.  In order to set this higher state of well being into the body, tuning forks my be used to align the chakras, healing stones may be placed on the body to form a healing energetic grid, and essential oils may be placed on acupuncture points in order rebalance the qi and blood.  

First treatment is 80 min:  $180

Follow up treatments are 50 min:  $90

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