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Women's Health

 Each of the phases in a woman’s life brings growth, joy, adventures and experience.  And each phase has a right of passage that is a challenge.  The first is menarche and embracing what it means to be a woman, then comes childbirth and the gift of creating a life, and finally comes menopause when women switch from being mainly nurturers to really coming into themselves and their power as individuals in the world.   

    In order to live your life to the fullest, health can go a long way.  The great advantage of natural medicine is that it makes you healthier from the inside out and is a health that lasts.  With acupuncture, herbs, nutritional counseling and exercise over 80% of dis - eases can be treated successfully and without side effects.  

    The onset on menarche is where women’s health begins.  Often times the beginning of menstruation can be irregular and uncomfortable.  Most people think the only option is to take their daughter to an Ob/gyn and put them on the pill to regulate their menstrual cycle- but this isn’t the case.  More than likely a simple herbal remedy can help the cycle establish itself naturally.  There can be future side effects and complications with taking the birth control pill, so why not try natural medicine first and avoid all the risks?  Specially at such a young age and if your child isn’t sexually active, the best approach is a natural balancing method.

    Balancing the menstrual cycle naturally is the first step to maintaining radiant health; it leads to less gynecological issues through out a woman’s life and is a very useful indicator of whole body health.


How acupuncture and herbs can help:


  1.   PMS/PMDD

  2.   Hormonal imbalance

  3.   Hormonally related skin conditions

  4.   Mood swings

  5.   Painful Periods

  6.   Endometriosis

  7.   Irregular/ lack of period

  8.   Uterine Fibroids

  9.   Cysts/ PCOS

  10.   Migraines/ Headaches

  11.   Menopausal symptoms

  12.   Fertility

  13.   Stress relief

  14.   Pregnancy related sciatica

  15.   Pregnancy related back pain

  16.   Fatigue

  17.   Insomnia

  18.   High blood pressure

  19.   Gestational Diabetes

  20.   Morning Sickness

  21.   Constipation

  22.   Post-partum healing and recovery

  23.   Menopause

  24.   Sciatica

  25.   Headaches

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