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“I’m Pregnant!  It’s nice to tell someone the top secret news as it’s kinda big.  Totally getting more acupuncture when I get back...  Thanks for your amazing touch, work and insight!  Off to Patagonia and Machu Pichu!”





“Ok, so you really are a rock star!!  You just don’t let it out!   I feel 200% better with my ear buds!  Clear, steady, energy, Yay!   Thank you thank you thank you!


(hormone balancing)


“I did 5 drops of the herbs a few hours ago and my stomach finally feels pretty calm.  I’m optimistic!”

The next day:  “I took them again today, I’m still burping but my stomach as a whole feels much calmer and no vomiting!”


(4 months of intense morning sickness)


“I’ve never been with a practitioner that I’ve trusted more, or been more comfortable with than Charis.”



“I have been with Charis since 2011 and during that time she has helped to tremendously to manage my pain and get me healthy.  She works collaboratively with my chiropractor and trainer to get me the best results.  I can’t recommend her enough.”



“I had never tried acupuncture, but it heard it was great for stress.  Charis was really wonderful and talked me through it.  The whole day I felt amazing and cured. I highly recommend Charis.”



“I have to share the good news — yesterday, I started my menstrual cycle!! It started right on time and is flowing like a ‘normal’ cycle. :-) So excited!!! Thanks so much for all your help.”



6 weeks of treatment to shrink a fibroid, no period 2+ years


“The vibrating feeling in my core and legs is finally subsiding!  I had three days where I could sleep and feel rested.  Thank you so much!”



Recovering from Chemo after surviving breast cancer.


“The doctors told me my schleroderma would get worse with the chemo and radiation.  When they recommended acupuncture I wasn’t sure and now I’m so grateful I came to you!  Along with the minimal nausea my schleroderma didn’t change at all.



(Support during chemo and radiation to mitigate side effects.)

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