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 In China, herbal medicine has been developed and refined for over 3000 years.  Chinese herbal medicine is an important adjunct to acupuncture; together they provide the maximum benefit for the patient on their road to health.   This service includes an Eastern Medicine diagnosis and an herbal prescription.

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Acupuncture is system of medicine and diagnostics that uses needles to activate acupuncture points on the body according to the Eastern Medicine diagnosis.  Each of these points has specific biological correspondences to organs, fluids and tissues of the body.  This service includes and Eastern Medicine diagnosis, acupuncture,. cupping, gua sha, and massage  as needed.  

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Energy Medicine treatments incorporate medical qi gong, tuning forks, healing stones, essential oils and a natal chart reading at the initial visit.  This is an all encompassing energetic  treatment with an Eastern Medicine diagnosis, astrological reading and energetic reading.

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Welcome to the opportunity for a healthier, stronger and happier self.  Using Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) offers a time tested, scientifically proven effective way to achieve whole body health naturally.  More and more, people are discovering that the true path to health involves creating a healthy lifestyle through nutritious foods, a supportive community, emotional wellbeing, as well as a lack of pain and disease. CCM offers multiple modalities of treatment for people to come into balance and overcome illnesses by harmonizing one’s entire body naturally.  This is a medicine that supports you to be your best person and live your best life.


I offer treatments for Eastern Medicine based treatments for internal medicine as well as a focus on women’s health; cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, cystic breasts, hormone balancing, healthy menses,  support for pregnancy and post partum.  My practice also has a focus on support for patients with cancer and  pre-cancer; addressing side effects from conventional treatments and over all support for wellbeing.


As a practitioner, it is my privilege to work with all who visit me.  Everyone is revered and respected as an individual on their own life path with their own unique challenges.  In choosing to work together through these challenges, there is a commitment of honesty, kindness and ernest effort that is made by all involved.  The more we work together, the more we learn and appreciate this wonderful journey called Life.  I have been practicing Chinese Medicine for 20+ years in Washington state as well as a stint in Silicon Valley, CA where I was awarded "Best in Silicon Valley" in 2013.  Since moving back to Washington, I have worked for 3 years at an Integrated Health clinic and now have my own practice in Kirkland.  I teach herbal medicine and integrated therapeutics at the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine and also support the Acupuncture profession as the Vice Chair of Operations for our national association; the American Society of Acupuncturist.  

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

 Lao Tzu  

Image by Mike Labrum


634 7th Avenue

Kirkland WA 98033

Direct: 360.830.6453

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